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Gosha-e-adab, Mumbai
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Baqar Mehdi

Baaqar Mehdi was born in a family of zamindars at Rudauli near Barabanki on Feb 11, 1927. After completing his primary education in Rudauli and Faizabad, he obtained a master’s degree from Lucknow University. He later shifted to Mumbai where he was an intrinsic part of the cultural life, especially Urdu circles, in the metropolis. He also used to write for films.


Baaqar Mehdi won several accolades including Urdu Academy Award in 1980, Maharashtra Urdu Academy Award in 1994 and Jaan Nisar Akhter Award in 1995. Shahr-e -arzoo, Kale Kagaz ki nazmen, Siyah-Siyah, Aagahi-o-Bebaki are some of his major works. He was also associated with the popular Urdu magazine Naya Waraq.


Baqar Mehdi passed away at the age of 80 on Sep, 23 2006 in Mumbai.

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